acter Development

We have designed our martial arts and tutoring programs on the basis that “it takes a village to raise a child” and “it takes a child to inspire a village.  ” Our vision is to build a community that supports its youth and, in turn, a reason and vehicle for our youth to respect their community.   Youth are drawn by our martial arts program.   Through it their attention and energies are engaged in positive activities (martial arts and athletic competition).   Their time for idleness and their chances of getting into trouble decrease proportionately.   YNMA utilizes martial arts to teach children discipline, coordination, fitness, body strength, self-defense, respect, leadership, selfconfidence, self-control, selfesteem, and overall positive character.   Our goal is to build upon these virtues and benefits and create bridges to enable them to flow into other aspects of the youths’ lives.

Tutorial Program

Our after-school tutorial program is another integral facet in engaging and developing the youth we serve.  We incentivize our student participation in martial arts competitions by requiring them to maintain certain grades.  Because we want them all to expand their horizons by participating, we support them through a program that offers homework assistance and skill building. They have daily tutoring sessions prior to martial arts sessions working with volunteer tutors from nearby colleges who also serve as wonderful role models.

Mentoring and Networking

The youth get to know successful individuals from different occupations and fields of interest. These encounters invariably instill in our youth a sense of hope and vision for their futures. They begin to build networks to support their future academic or career endeavors and, most importantly, they refine their own personal value and they learn how to give back.